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Sheometry Festival, established in 2019, is a celebration featuring various music genres and visual arts. This festival showcases female artists yet to be discovered, as well as artists with international acclaim. The festival will be held in communities nationwide where exposure to the arts are limited.

Marble Bar

Take a walk off the beaten path and stop by the Marble Bar for a night of revelry and music. After being neglected for quite a while, this ramshackled building at the corner of Holden and Trumbull Streets has been transformed into a live music venue along with local and international djs and electronic acts that draws in crowds of patrons in the know. The venue hosts local and touring musicians, including the likes of Liturgy, Ceremony and Tony Molina. While its demure size and stature mean that few are aware of its existence, it is precisely these qualities that add to its appeal and leave its patrons with the beguiling impression that they are the chosen few who are fortunate to know of this treasured secret.


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