Sheometry Detroit

Sheometry Volunteer Program

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Volunteering for the Sheometry Music Festival offers you an opportunity to give back to the community in a big way.  Showcase your skills in one of three areas: pre-production, during the event or post-production. We need volunteers to aid in all areas of the festival, and it’s a great way to fulfill community service requirements for school or work!

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Sheometry Team Members must be at least 18 years old, with valid I.D.
  • Hard copy volunteer waiver with emergency contact must be filled out/signed prior to beginning work with the festival.
  • Volunteers will be given the opportunity to list their preferred assignment, but this does not guarantee placement in this role. Sheometry production staff will assign volunteer tasks based on skill, experience and/or festival needs.
  • Volunteers will not receive monetary compensation. A wristband will be provided, among other amenities at the discretion of the production staff.
  • We expect our Team Members to behave in a professional manner, show up on time and fulfill their assigned duties. Respect for other volunteers, staff and the patrons of the event is to be maintained at all times.

Thank you to all the volunteers who help make the festival.